Maxiline Profissional

Professional hair care brand founded in Brazil


The Trends line forms a three-dimensional network in the hair fibre that improves structural integrity which prevents hair breakage.

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Folhas line is rich in keratin and plant collagen, which rebuilds the structure of the hair, restoring its elasticity, strength and vitality.

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Therapy is a care line developed to provide beauty and health to hair through active ingredients that prevent breakage or hair loss.

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The Maxiline Máscara line contains cationic substances which, together with omegas and lipids, work effectively to restore dry or brittle hair.

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The Lavatório line comes to the aid of professionals with active ingredients that intensively clean the hair by completely removing impurities or used hair products.

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Finalizadores finishing line has been designed to provide maximum heat and sun protection while facilitating professional hair styling.

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