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About HED Venture

For over 10 years we have been a trusted partner for 1200+ salons in Romania

Our success is a result of close collaboration with both renowned external partners in the professional cosmetics industry and nationwide partners such as beauty salons. The speed of logistics, the quality of our products and the determination to offer only the best support services, helped us to become recognised as one of the most important distributors of professional products for salons in Romania.

Some call it a passion, others call it a business, but for our team of over 20 dedicated people, the success of your business is the only reason we want to keep growing. This is proven by the education programmes we provide, our unique product portfolio in Romania and our turnover of 1.5 million euros.

Safe Business

In our day-to-day business and in all the commercial interactions with our partners and customers, our aim is to build a solid, fair, sustainable and mutually profitable business relationship. This means a perfect win-win balance in every contract or partnership, understanding and keeping an open mind towards each other’s needsm wishes, and above all a special attention to strengthen and develop the long-term business potential with each individual client.

Smart Business

Whether times are boom or bust, we know that inspiration and hard work are part of a successful business equation. In everything we do, we invest a huge capital of experience, knowledge, information, innovation, flexibility and dynamism. We do business today and carefully prepare for tomorrow by analysing both national global trends that impact our industry. We adapt to every customer and every change. We fructify classical solutions and find innovative ways of implementing them, we bring natural ideas or imagine unconventional solutions, we see every obstacle as a challenge and turn difficulties into strengths. We bring the future closer and make it possible, because our expertise comes from passion and hard work.

Fine People

We value people always and in all circumstances, both those inside and outside the company. In work or business relationships, we bring honesty, fairness, seriousness, openness and a touch of humour. We look people in the eye, respect them and appreciate their qualities. We have understanding for their needs and admiration for the results they achieve. In dealing with others, we prefer diplomacy to arrogance and elegance to aggression. In everything we do, we build relationships based on trust, respect and harmony.